The following are some major issues that need to be dealt with during your term. The thousand other issues, though important, pale in comparison to the following and can be dealt with once these are taken care of. The press can stress other issues and want you to answer trivial questions in the attempt to catch you say something  they can quote out of context but these are the issues we need to focus on. This country is broke due to these promissory notes given by our recent presidents who have told us that we “can take that to the bank.”

1.   Campaign Reform

a.     As with most of you, I am tiered of representative who are elected to serve the people, serving the interests of large corporations and the elite.

  1. Campaigns should be funded from the budget of the position being campaigned for.
    1. Each position should be allocated a fixed amount set by the state or, if a federal position, congress for each elected position.
    2. A maximum of five candidates shall be allowed to run.
    3. Official campaigns will begin no earlier then four months prior to official election.
    4. Moneys from the campaign fund shall be equally divided.
    5. These moneys can be used for the purpose of campaigning for the elected position as well as part of a monthly wage for the candidate who is campaigning.
      1. Monthly-allocated moneys designated towards the monthly wage will be 3/4ths the current positions wage for the duration of the official campaign period.
    6. Pre-elections shall be held in establishing no more then five candidates.
      1. The pre-election shall be held six months prior to the official election.
      2. An official site will be maintained by the office being campaigned for providing a page for each individual who has applied to run for the position.
      3. The registration fee will cost not more than five times the hourly minimum wage.
      4. All registration fees collected will be used towards maintenance and pre-election costs.
    7. No money or promissory arrangements should be accepted by a constituent from third parties during their campaign or while in office.

2.   U.S. Military Forces Return from foreign soil

a.     Our military forces are to defend our nation and not to be used for political gain. The policy of our nation should be to remain neutral unless ask by a foreign ally for our help.

  1. We should withdraw from all foreign countries and bring our troops home.
  2. The defense budget is to be used for defense and not preemptive attacks.
  3. Congress shall have the sole authority to declare war and sole authority to send troops onto foreign soil.
  4. All military assistance provided to an ally will be reimbursed by the nation requesting the assistance.

3.   Revoke the Patriot Act

a.     The patriot act is a deliberate attack on our constitutional rights and has been implemented through the utilization of fear. It was supposed to be a temporary act but has been in effect for over 14 years.

4.   Return to U.S. Issuing its own currency

a.     The Federal Reserve was established in direct conflict with the constitution and is an illegal organization, which creates money out of thin air. It then loans this money, at interest, to our government. It is a private organization with no federal oversight and needs to be removed.

  1. The constitution states our own government has the sole right to issue money.
  2. An inventory should be taken of the current gold and silver that the United States has in determining feasibility of returning to the gold and silver standards as stated in the constitution.
  3. If it is determined that returning to a gold and silver standard if unfeasible, congress shall find a replacement.

5.   Immigration

a.     Our immigration laws are sufficient. It is not immigration, which poses the problem; it is the illegal immigration, which is the strain on the economy.

  1. All federal subsidies should be removed from all non-citizens.
    1. This is the biggest incentive for illegal immigrates in entering the country.
    2. It will be up to the states to determine their policies towards illegal immigration and subsidies provided for services.